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Dulcebee offers quality, natural, varied and vegetarian products at reasonable prices. I highly recommend pumkpin spice body butter. The fragrance is perfect and it applies easily and softly moisturizes the skin.

Mélissa Gobeil

I bought the Tiger balm for muscle pain as well as headaches due to fatigue and I am very satisfied. The results are almost immediate and the product has a pleasant scent. Shipping was fast and reassuring emails updates to know the status of the order.

Frederik Larose

I can assure you that these natural products work very well. I'm stuck and my nose suffered tragically until I used Dulcebee "All purpose Healing Salve" ... in French " Guérit tout naturel" ... After spending more than one box of Kleenex, I know that it works !

Jacques Lévesque

Only natural ingredients

Because we believe that earth give us the best ingredients

Locally sourced Beeswax

Help us save the bees

An important factor affecting bees health is access to adequate nutrition. Wildflower habitat loss has occurred in many countries, usually due to building development and modern farming practices. Without collecting enough good sources of nectar and pollen from flowers during the warmer months, honey bee colonies, wild bees and solitary bees can face serious challenges during the winter. So, what can you do to help bees thrive? We will include a wild flower seed paper in your package. It's simple take the paper lay it on soil, sprinkle about 1/4 in or 1/2 in of soil on top. Water it ligthly and Voila! This little gesture may help a lot of bees get the nutrition they need to survive!